The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire

2 Seasons

The Smoking Tire, hosted by Matt Farah, is the premier destination for automotive video reviews and adventures. No Hollywood, no bosses, no bullshit. From our brains to your eyes and ears, this is The Smoking Tire.

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The Smoking Tire
  • Range Rover

    Episode 1

    The Smoking Tire looks at the perfect balance in between luxury and durability in the unexpected brand, Range Rover. From the Evoque all the way to the Autobiography, off-roading, rock-crawling, and glamorous rides down the Strip, Range Rover can do it all.

  • Rally North America

    Episode 2

    The Smoking Tire attends the 2014 Rally North America's US 50 Rally to celebrate their 5th Anniversary. The team embarks on a five day road trip across America in a Jeep SRT. Starting in Summit Point West Virginia, The Smoking Tire team drives all the way west to Pueblo Colorado.

  • Super Car Competition

    Episode 3

    Lamborghini, Dodge, Porsche, BMW, Shelby, and Chevy have all produced some of the most popular and powerful supercars in the world. The Smoking Tire compares these esteemed vehicles side by side to see how they hold up against one another. What car is the lightest, most powerful, best drive? The ...

  • Tuner Cars

    Episode 4

    The Smoking Tire explores various car tuning techniques to understand if the modification of a vehicle is always beneficial, or can sometimes be unnecessary. For the first test Matt drives a twin-turbo charged Ferrari to find out if tuning a Ferrari can actually turn out as anything other than a ...

  • Home Built

    Episode 5

    When home building a fabricated sports car the results can be blasphemous to some, and envied by others. In this episode The Smoking Tire sets out to see what interesting results can come from home builds of a 1969 Dodge Daytona, 1975 Corolla, and diesel Jetta.

  • Sport Sedan

    Episode 6

    A great sports sedan is designed to feel sporty, sleek, and fast, while providing the comfort and cutting edge features expected in a luxury sedan. The Smoking Tire team heads out to see which popular sports sedans can achieve the ultimate drive, while staying sexy. Matt tests out the new Lexus I...

  • Sport Coupes

    Episode 7

    The Smoking Tire crew compares some of the world's most renowned sport coupes on some of the world's most renowned driving roads. These cars are put to the ultimate driving test to see which sport coupe truly owns the road. Matt takes out the Corvette C7, Jaguar Ftype, BMW M6, Audi RS 5, and BMW ...

  • Practical Speed

    Episode 8

    Is it possible for a roomier practical crossover car to still drive with the speed and control of a sports car? Matt takes out the Cadillac CTSV Wagon, Volvo V60 Polestar, BMW X6M, and Porsche Panamera Turbo to answer this question.

  • Super Sedans

    Episode 9

    The Smoking Tire hits the road with some super sedans that are the perfect combination of comfort, speed, and luxury. See how the Panamera Turbo, Audi A8L, Jaguar XFRS, LS460 F Sport, and Bentley Mulsanne handle the curves.