On The Rocks

On The Rocks

11 Episodes

Follow the "Dirty Thirty," a group of whacky off-road enthusiasts, as they explore some of the greatest trails in America.

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On The Rocks
  • Mickey & Shannon

    Episode 1

    Join two of the "Dirty Thirty", Mickey and Shannon, as they share their off-road experiences. Plus Cookie shows us how to cook potatoes on the trail and you'll learn to start a campfire without matches.

  • Bumperjack and Mud Pit

    Episode 2

    Join "Dirty Thirty" member "Bumperjack" and his wife "Sweat Pea" as they share their off-road experiences. "Hollywood" and "Stumpy" get dirty but break some parts. Trail Boss, Rick Russell, explains about the Pumpkin and "Cookie" makes us a Breakfast Burrito.

  • The Rough Wheelers

    Episode 3

    "Snoopy", a "Dirty Thirty" off-roader, leads "Fearless" and others on a new El Mirage trail. "Frenchie" shows his new suspension to Trail Boss Rick Russell. "Cookie" shows us how to make Black Diamond Chili.

  • Ocotillo Wells

    Episode 4

    Join "Dirty Thirty" members, "Ditch Witch" Wayne Miller and "Captain" Ray Grant at Ocotillo Wells as they have some dirty fun. Trail Boss Rick Russell describes side hill techniques and "Cookie" makes a Hobo Stew.

  • John Bull Snow Bash

    Episode 5

    A forward control Jeep attempts the Rock Garden while James Taylor and the "Dirty Thirty" try John Bull in the snow. Trail Boss Rick Russell show us how to us a Premier welder and replaces a U joint on the trail.

  • Rusty Nail Moab

    Episode 6

    Frank Hayes, a "Dirty Thirty" member, leads us on the Rusty Nail trail in Moab Utah. "Cookie" makes smokin' sausage and pumpkin pancakes.

  • Hell's Revenge

    Episode 7

    "Trail Boss", Rick Russell, and "Dirty Thirty" member, Danny Grimes, lead us through Hells Revenge in Moad, Utah. "Rollover Randy" makes Tierr Del Sol Smores in the fire back at camp.

  • Jawbone Trails

    Episode 8

    "Dirty Thirty" member, James Taylor, introduces us to the gold mine area of Jawbone Trails area near Randsburg, Ca. "Trail Boss" Rick Russell welds a broken spring bracket while on the trail and Randy make an Apple Crisp over the fire.

  • Panamint Mountains

    Episode 9

    Host David Ihrig and "Trail Boss" Rick Russell lead us through Panamint Valley and Barker's Ranch, the hideout for Charles Manson and his outlaws. "Cookie" mixes up a batch of Dirth Thirty Rice.

  • Sledge Hammer

    Episode 10

    "Trail Boss" Rick Russell leads the "Dirty Thirty" through the famous Sledgehammer trail in Johnson Valley, CA. "Rollover Randy" makes a Pineaple Upside-down Cake on the trail.

  • Outer Limits

    Episode 11

    Doug McBurny and "Dirty Thirty" Trail Boss, Rick Russell,lead us up Outer Limits at Johnson Valley, CA. "Trail chef Brad Lark, AKA "Cookie", makes Spicy Cheesy Sloppy Joes.