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Grudge Race - Hull V Vallese

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Grudge Race - Bailey V Martin


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  • Grudge Race - Hull V Vallese

    In this episode, Dean Valesse brings his wicked ZOMBIE grudge car that no one on the east coast wants to race all the way from Florida to Colorado to challenge Jim Hull’s unbeaten Mustang, The Pope in Denver’s thin air.

    Its a best two out of three grudge race to settle this long standing soci...

  • Grudge Race - Barry V Larson

    In this episode, it’s the definitive battle between two drag racing legends to settle the score for the title of Fastest Steel Body Street Car in America. Larry Larson’s 66 Nova goes head to head with Joe Barry’s 56 Chevy in a best two out of three grudge race years in the making. Right now on G...

  • Grudge Race - Canon V King

    In this episode its Diesel V Diesel as Clint Cannon brings his full emissions controlled 2007 Dodge diesel truck to challenge Chad King in his old school 2005 Dodge Ram 59 with no emissions controlled. Can the latest diesel emissions technology beat the old pre-emmisions standards. Its a best ...